Business Consulting

Business Consulting.

What is business consulting?

Business consulting enables small business owners to understand their finances, define monetary goals and create an actionable strategy, to facilitate growth in their business.

  • Do you struggle to stay on top of your finances alongside running your business?
  • Feel like you are working really hard but not seeing the financial reward?
  • Worry about how to manage your money and optimise its use?
  • Stress out about taxes every time they come around?
  • Have your personal and business finances co-mingled?
  • Have aspirations to grow your business but no business strategy?

If these resonated with you then our business consulting programme is for you.

Our business consulting programme will provide the tools, resources and action plan to overcome your current challenges and achieve your monetary goals. Our programmes can be tailored to your needs, so whether you want one module or all of the modules we can help you and your business achieve your financial goals.

1. Understanding you and your business.

2. Accounts 101.

3. Money mindset and limiting beliefs.

4. Financial pricing strategy.

5. Managing your money.

6. Operations.

7. Financial business plan.

Everything we do is for the benefit of our amazing clients…

I was really happy with Abbie who always responded quickly. I also liked the online document portal which was simple to use. The Orenda Collective is a refreshing alternative to my previous accountant who I felt wasn’t particularly interested in my business so it’s great to finally find a keen accountant to work with.