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We are passionate about educating business owners to create the confidence and freedom; to affect change, grow their business and increase wealth, so it’s great to connect!

So that you can feel certainty around our prospect and onboarding process we have created this guide, it will take you through the journey from enquiry to part of The Orenda Collective!

Enquiry Phase:

You will reach out to us via our website, social media platforms or by email.

We will review your enquiry and send you the prospect pack which includes:

A prospect form

The prospective form is designed to gather some more information about you and the business, its nothing strenuous but allows us to prepare for your consultation and make sure we are a good fit for you.

If after review of your form we decide we aren’t a good fit for you (which happens when for example, we think you will be better served by another accounting provider or your requirements can’t be serviced by our team) we will contact you and let you know, and may make suggestions for alternative accountants.

Link to book prospect meeting

You will be able to pick a time slot that works for you from our availability so that there is no going back and forth with times and dates. You don’t need to wait to hear from us about your form to book the call, but you do need to make sure you complete the form before booking the call.

In the event that there is no availability at times that suit you, please let us know at [email protected] and we will do our best to accommodate.

If for any reason you need to change the meeting booking you can do so via the confirmation link sent to you on completion of your booking.

Prospect Phase:

The 30 minute prospect meeting is a free, relaxed and no obligation zoom call with one of the team.

Its purpose is to get to know each other better and confirm we are still a good fit, and then design a service schedule that meets your business needs and expectations.

There are three potential outcomes of this meeting:

  1. We are a good fit for you and we provide you with a proposal for our services
  2. We are a good fit for you, but we or you need to gather some further information to be able to create a proposal for our services
  3. We are not a good fit for you, and a proposal is not created but if appropriate we point you in the direction of other providers who may be of interest to you

What to expect at the meeting:

  • It will be relaxed, friendly and a cuppa is welcome!
  • We will go through your prospect form in more detail and may ask you some clarifying questions
  • We will understand your business goals and look at opportunities to support you
  • You will have an opportunity to ask questions – remember no question is a silly question, there is no judgement here!
  • If we have enough information to do so, we will provide you with a quote for our services
  • We will talk through the deliverable time frames so you know exactly when you need to do things

So that you can feel certainty around our prospect and onboarding process we have created this guide, it will take you through the journey from enquiry to part of The Orenda Collective!

Providing you with a quote:

We use a proposal software that allows us to quote consistently, and in a way that works for both us and you. This ensures we can deliver a high quality service that meets your expectations and is based on data and metrics that can be measured.

We use metrics such as, type of business, revenue, volume of transactions, number of employees and software required, to generate a bespoke quote for your business. It’s completely transparent and we share our screen and talk you through the proposal as we create it.

We believe it is our responsibility to use our experience and expertise to create you a service schedule that is going to enable you to affect change, grow your business and increase your wealth. That is why, we will select services we would want, if we were you, knowing what we know.

However, we understand that sometimes the budget isn’t always there for small businesses or perhaps you want to keep control of some elements of the services yourself whilst you are still figuring things out, and that’s fine! We can take out certain services and tailor the proposal to your needs, adding things to your roadmap to discuss later down the line as appropriate.

After the meeting:

Following the prospect meeting you will be sent a proposal document and engagement letters electronically.

The proposal document will include everything we discussed on the call, the quote and a breakdown of the services selected. The engagement letter is the contract that allows us to start our services and provides the framework for our relationship.

You can accept and approve the proposal electronically so there is no need for printing or scanning!

Onboarding Phase:

YAY – welcome! Now that the proposal is signed and agreed we will get straight to work onboarding you and plan to make this as smooth as possible for you.

Step 1: Registration

You will receive a registration email to create an account on our secure client portal. You will need to populate the portal with basic information about you and the business and then upload some identification and a utility bill.

Why do you need my details and identification?

We are part of a regulated industry, and our regulators require us to comply with Anti Money Laundering regulations, and as such we are obligated to collect this information and perform checks before we start working with a client.

Step 2: Review and set up

Behind the scenes we will be setting up all our service processes and ensuring we are ready to start delivering for you, we will also be reviewing your registration details and completing out required checks.

Step 3: Welcome email

You will receive a welcome email from us, which will include:

  • Any information outstanding from the registration
  • A link to book an onboarding call with us
  • Links to our bookkeeping spreadsheet (only needed if you aren’t using an accounting software)
  • Adding us to your accounting software if not set up by us
  • Links to our detailed expense guides so you can make sure you are claiming everything you can!
  • Getting us authorised as your agent with HMRC so we can speak to them on your behalf
  • Communicating with your previous accountant if applicable to ensure smooth handover

Step 4: The Onboarding call

This will be tailored by us to your specific needs, but typical topics we cover on this call are:

  • How to save for your tax bill so it’s never a surprise!
  • Reducing your tax bill legitimately
  • Record keeping and best practice
  • How to extract money from your limited company tax efficiently
  • System overviews e.g. talking you through our spreadsheet, Xero or Dext
  • What to expect for each service provided
  • Questions from you

Step 5: Working together

Now that the onboarding process is complete we will officially commence working together! Depending on which services you have selected we may start delivering work immediately or we may be here in the background ready to support you with your yearend requirements when they fall due.

Either way, we are always on hand for questions and support throughout the year for no extra charge (in line with our fair use policy), so you can pop us an email or speak to us anytime.

You will also receive update emails from us from time to time (don’t worry no spam!), tax payment reminders, reminders about when to provide us information and business tips, so you can relax, knowing everything is being taken care of!

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