Accountants and business consultants for the creative, wellness and service-orientated industries.

Who we work with.

The Orenda Collective offers a uniquely human approach, rooted in trust and a genuine care for your success. We love to work with people who are focused and committed to achieving results, regardless of their current stage in business.

Our clients usually work in the creative, wellness or service-orientated space, and they are ready to invest in growth and achieve financial milestones. They may not be a finance wizard or have a business background, but they understand that money matters in business. They know having the right advice in their corner is integral to the long-term success of their business.


Navigating the intricacies of business finances can be overwhelming and time-consuming. At The Orenda Collective, we specialise in simplifying the process for you. From record-keeping to uncovering tax-saving opportunities, we’ve got you covered! Let’s collaborate on the numbers, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business.

Business Consulting.

Business consulting opens the door for small business owners to grasp their financial landscape, set clear monetary goals and develop an actionable plan for growth. With our dedicated support, you’ll unlock the vast potential of your business and finances and see a real tangible return on your time and investment.

The Collective.

Working with us isn’t just about money and tax, it’s about tapping into the force that allows you to shape your world and make a difference in your own life, and the life of others. You’ll be joining a supportive community of like-minded individuals, where collaboration is championed, learning and sharing is encouraged, and opportunities generated.

Orenda is a force present in all people that empowers them to affect the world or to effect changes in their own lives.

Our values are testament to this and are the landscape of our business…

Handholding approach, without judgement and with open arms
Driving hard to overcome adversity and tenacious
Integrity always & creating belonging
Warm and approachable, long-term relationships over short term gains
Persistent enthusiasm not easily dispelled
Recover quickly from challenges

Everything we do is for the benefit of our amazing clients…

The Orenda collective have been a real breath of fresh air and a very different experience to my previous accountants. Not only are they incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, but they also check in regularly, which as a business owner navigating finance is super helpful. They were able to help me out of a sticky situation and avoid me overpaying potentially thousands in tax. Do not hesitate to use The Orenda Collective as your business advisors!

Lizie Bielicki

Are you feeling overwhelmed and distracted by the complexities of tax and accounting for your business?

Work with us to simplify and streamline your finances making it manageable, stress-free, and tax efficient. We will navigate the complexities on your behalf but also empower you with knowledge and tools to stay informed and in control. 

Is a lack of strategy and financial direction or understanding limiting your profitability and growth?

Our business consulting is designed to offer you practical guidance, expert knowledge and actionable advice. We’ll help you to create a robust strategy tailored to meet your specific business needs and be there to help you every step of the way.

Do you ever find that the journey of being a business owner can feel isolating and daunting?

Starting or running a business on your own is tough, it’s often isolating, daunting and imposter syndrome sometimes creeps in. That’s why we created the collective, it’s an opportunity to learn, share and grow together. 

On March 6th, 2024, the government unveiled their Spring 2024 budget. There are many different topics covered in the budget
Let's Go.
Setting up a Government Gateway Account This guide will show you how to create a government gateway account in the
Let's Go.
When you operate a limited company, the amount of corporation tax your company pays is based on the profits chargeable
Let's Go.

Everything we do is for the benefit of our amazing clients…

We have used the Orenda Collective for just over a year now and their services are exceptional. The team work hard to make the running of my business easy. They are always on hand to answer any query, no matter how niche it is. Best of all, they offer an approachable, personal and friendly service. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any of my friends and clients.

Steven Dasgupta – Notary Public

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