Accountants and Financial Business Coaches for your Creative or Wellness Business.

The Orenda Collective and who we serve

The Orenda Collective provides a holistic approach to the financial aspects of your business. We work with current or aspiring business owners in the creative and wellness industry to strategise for growth, achieve financial goals and form valuable business connections.

We optimise your tax position, explain your finances, liaise with HMRC and give you a platform to ask questions (no question is a stupid one). This gives you time to focus on being a business owner, generating sales, serving your clients and creating new ideas.

The Orenda Collective Accountants


A force present in all people that empowers them to affect the world or to effect changes in their own lives.

Do accounting and tax rules confuse and worry you?

We take the stress of managing your business finances away from you, this gives you time to focus on the things that matter most.

Is a lack of strategy and financial direction limiting your profitability?

Our business coaching provides practical guidance, expert knowledge and a robust strategy to meet your financial goals.

Does a small business network restrict your opportunities for growth?

The collective is a platform for creative and wellness professionals to share experiences, use each other’s knowledge and collaborate.

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